Fun Facts About The Fabrication Of Steel

When it comes to the fabrication of steel, many people may not know a whole lot about it. In fact, however, it is a very interesting subject indeed and here are a few facts about the process that you may find good to know.

1. Steel is nothing more than iron mixed with 1% carbon. The iron itself is a very soft metal and is very predisposed to rust. However, when the iron is bonded with carbon, it becomes steel and becomes very strong and quite resistant to any sort of rusting or oxidization.

2. Steel is incredibly important to all facets of the modern world. It is used to build automobiles, airplanes, and skyscrapers. It is even used for much smaller things such as paperclips and even thumbtacks.

3. Every single year, the steel industry generates approximately $900 billion in revenue. In fact, it is the second biggest industry in the entire world. It is second only to oil and gas. The biggest producer of steel is currently the country of China, who manufacture well over 50% of the metal.

4. Modern steel is much lighter than the steel which was used in the past. For instance, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco was made with approximately 83,000 tons of steel. Experts state it would only take about half of that amount to make it today. In fact, most modern types of steel have been developed within the past 30 years. Most companies do not use the types of steel that were used in decades past but there are some that still do, whether it be for reasons of decor or for the love of antiquity, any steel fabrication melbourne is a medium that will never cease to exist.

5. If you are wondering exactly what steel fabrication is, it is simply the process of cutting, welding, or otherwise manipulating the steel so that it can be completed into a structure for further use. Whether that structure is a building or a machine, it makes no difference. It is all called fabrication. To conduct fabrication, builders must decide over 3500 different types, or grades, of steel, will be used. While most of these varieties are highly specialized and will never be used by most people, there still remains a huge amount of types that are used on a daily basis by traditional builders.

6. The most used kind of steel out of all of the different varieties is carbon steel. This type always features less than 2 percent carbon but typically features even less than 1 percent. The steel most resistant to corrosion is known as stainless steel. This type of steel is mixed with chromium and nickel. Typically this mixture is 18 percent chromium and 8 percent nickel. As you can see, there are some very interesting facts about steel that one can learn from this article. The next time you read about steel fabrication, you will know a lot more about it.