Laying New Underground Pipe

Pipe transport gases and liquids to and from our homes and businesses. They give us water in our homes, natural gas to warm us and takes waste away. How do the pipes get there? Here is the way pipe is laid underground

Map Out the Path

Be certain that the pipes have gone through a burst pressure test and you know what that number is. You first need to call the utility companies to have them indicate where utility lines are so that you prevent from digging there. Mark off the direction the equipment will be going. Moisten the ground for several days to make digging easier. If it is a small distance, you can do this yourself. If it is over a hundred feet, you will need to rent a backhoe or hire a professional.

Give It Space

When you excavate then trench, law dictates that it be and least eighteen inches from the surface. It must also be a foot away from any other pipe that is buried in the yard. Add gravel or plastic to the ditch.

Piece It Together

Before you install the pipe, lay it out along the trench to see how it will go. This would include the fittings and connection pieces. Doing this will let you see how it fit together and to ensure that you have everything you need.

Stick To It

Once all the pieces are in place, you need to coat the pipes with primer. Add adhesive to the connectors then screw them into the pipe. Drop the pipe carefully into the ditch. Attach them to all the appropriate utility and test to be certain that there is no leak. Shovel the dirt back into the trench until it is filled up again the tap it down until it is firm.