Manufacturing Industry Maintenance Tips

Maintenance is of huge importance for the operation of your facility and the safety of your employees. To avoid disaster and maintain efficiency, preventative maintenance should be prioritized. What are some typical areas of concern?


Depending on what you are manufacturing, you may have pipes, cylinders or tanks for moving various liquids and gasses around your plant. This phenomenon is powered by pressure. Too little, and the material won’t move. Too much, and your pipes may burst. You can have gauges installed so that you it’s possible to keep an eye on it yourself, but you should regularly hire pressure testing services to thoroughly assess your pressure system. They can also perform things like leak or proof testing.


Each piece of machinery and equipment requires its own unique maintenance routine, so be sure to collect all of that information from the manufacturers of the machines themselves. It is good practice to compile all of this into a maintenance schedule and checklist, so that no piece of equipment is forgotten about. You should have a dedicated maintenance crew who can be on top of this process at all times.

Integrative Technology

There’s a lot of moving parts to keep track of in a manufacturing plant. Checking each piece of equipment manually can be time consuming and inefficient. A combination of machine sensors and cloud technology can improve this process for you by giving you an almost omniscient view of your plant. This smart technology can monitor output, test machine productivity and build a maintenance schedule to keep your factory at it’s best. Software companies can help to install and customize your smart set-up.

A coordinated maintenance effort is usually necessary to keep a manufacturing plant up and running. If you take the time to properly plan for all eventualities your daily operations will be smooth sailing.