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Why We Need Exhaust Fans

Somehow, we take exhaust fans for granted. We know that our exhaust fans are important and that they help to keep the air inside the room fresh and clean. That is all that we know about exhaust fans in our kitchen and bathroom.

Exhaust fans do a lot more things that we don’t actually see. Our kitchen exhaust fan works to clear the kitchen of smoke and eliminates the smell of food. Have you ever imagined what your kitchen would look like if there was no exhaust fan.

If steam does not escape from your kitchen, it will condense on your cupboards and walls leaving moisture that encourages the growth of mold and mildew. Another thing that you will observe is that you kitchen will start to smell of different kinds of food and the smoke and oil will begin to stain your walls. This is not something that we have imagined not having an exhaust fan in the kitchen. There are more things to observe than these. Too much moisture in the air will make your potatoes, onions, and other vegetables out in the kitchen rot fast.

Your bathroom exhaust also has more function that simply taking the odor out of the room. The constant use of water will increase the humidity in your bathroom. It can go throughout your house and damage wood work. You will observe the growth of fungus and mildew in parts of your home.

Now we see why exhaust fans are important to our kitchen and bathrooms. The ducts of the exhaust fan should be outside the house. If the ducts are blocked or if they don’t terminate outside the house a moisture pool can form inside the house. The surrounding places can be damaged by water. A malfunctioning exhaust fan in the bathroom will encourage molds to grow on your walls, peel paint or wallpaper, will have marks of moisture on your roof and tiles, frost on your widows, rust on your shower head and other fixtures that are made of metal.

Your garage also needs an exhaust fan. Garage exhaust fans are not used all the time but they are just as important as exhaust fans used in the bathroom and kitchen. In our garages, we store many things together with our car. The items your store in your garage like fabric and wood can easily absorb moisture and encourage molds and fungus to thrive. This can lead to health problems if these spores are breathed in. It can cause asthma and allergies in children and fungal infections in adults. In order to prevent its growth, it is good to install an exhaust fan in our garage as well.

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