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How to Get rid of Gynecomastia?

For sure, the number one reason why you’re here is probably because you like to put an end to gynecomastia. But what made you to have this type of condition and how you’ll be able to deal with it. As you take time to read this article, you will discover the major causes contributing to this condition but before we reach that point, you should know that gynecomastia has two types and it is real and fake (pseudogynecomastia).

For real gynecomastia, this is mainly because of hormonal imbalance or to put it simply, your body produces more amount of estrogen and less of testosterone. In the next paragraphs, you are going to discover the other known sources for real gynecomastia.

Number 1. The abuse of steroid may distort your hormonal levels and result to what we called man boobs. The moment that you experience these things, immediately stop the use of steroid and begin with hormone balancing program which is one of the many reasons for your gynecomastia.

Number 2. Medical prescriptions and drugs may also alter your levels of testosterone. Say for example that you are on medication and observed that your chest is growing, then it is wise to talk to your doctor as soon as you can and inquire about the drugs and if it could be changed.

Number 3. During puberty, a teenage boy’s body will likely experience hormonal imbalance and oftentimes, this happens during puberty stage.

On the other hand, fake gynecomastia is brought by overweight. As for the excess fats, they are deposited in the pectoral region that can make the pecks to look like breasts. In order to get rid of this, you have to start with a fat loss training exercise. Fortunately, there are many ways that this can be done and some of it are through:

Diet – do you eat a lot of red meat or junk foods? If majority of your diet is focused on these kinds of foods, then you better change your diet as soon as possible. Better replace those foods instead with fresh fruits and vegetables and try to eat more of white meat than red meat.

Exercise – cardiovascular exercises work like magic when it comes to melting your excess fats. Run for at least 5 minutes and do a minute of sprinting, do this for the next few days. If you want to, you can integrate a few strength exercises. If you wish to see optimal results from what you are doing, then always mindset yourself to lose excess weight and do strength exercises.

Men can feel embarrassment just by having gynecomastia; good thing it is possible to overcome this condition naturally.

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