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Critical Tips for Getting a W-2 from Your Previous Employer

Even if you do not like thinking on matters concerning taxes, they are a critical part of living in the society of today. In case you have switched your job recently, and you have the desire to know the ultimate guide on how to get a W-2 from your previous earlier employer, below are some of them.

W-2 also known as Wage and Tax Statement outlines the compensation you got from your previous employer over time. As an employee, you tend to receive this form, at the beginning of the year. Generally, what is typically contained in the W-2 is whether you still owe tax money or you are going to receive a tax refund. Hence, having this document is very crucial to enable you to determine your profits. Apart from getting a summary of your compensation, W-2 shows the amount of money you have contributed to your retirement plan, what you paid for your retirement plan as well as if you made any other deductions.

For the sake of getting W-2 from your former employer, consider to reach out to him. You are recommended to consider asking the representative of your former HR, for a copy. Ensure you have issued them with the correct address. You can also get a W-2 by contacting the administrator of your payroll.

By being in direct contact with the IRS, you are sure of getting a W-2 form from your previous boss. If all the different strategies fail to produce the desired outcomes, you have no reason to worry. It would be wise if you gave all the information in regards to your former employer by making a direct call to Uncle Sam. Here you will need to give all the details about your pay as well as allowances. By obtaining your employer’s identification number, you make the work easy for all the stakeholders. To find this number, you need to have your last pay stub on the form you got last year. From there the employer will be contacted by the IRS and asked to avail the missing form. You will be given a form 4852 which you have to fill.

By filing your taxes, it becomes easy to get your W-2 form from your boss. April 15th is the due date of paying your taxes irrespective of the time you got your W2. This means that you may be forced to estimate your holdings as well as earnings to complete your return on time. The IRS gives a room to use form 4852 instead of W2. You would only use the form 4852 when your boss provides the wrong information in the forms or when he does not bring the W2 forms at all.

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